American Capital recruits Les Brownlee

American Capital Strategies has brought on board Les Brownlee, the former Acting Secretary of the US Army, hoping the hire will boost its activity in the federal contracting space.

Bethesda, Maryland-based American Capital Strategies recruited former Acting Secretary of the Army Les Brown to work with the firm on its federal-contracting sector mandate.

Les Brown, advisor, American Capital Strategies

Brownlee will take on an advisory role and will be joining an effort already in progress that is being spearheaded by David Ehrenfest Steinglass, a managing director in the firm.

Les Brown has served the United States for four decades, and with his extensive military and federal government experience has unparalleled perspectives on those companies that support our National Security,” Steinglass said.

Brownlee, a retired Army Colonel, left public service at the end of last year. He has also previously served in the government as Under Secretary of the Army and as Staff Director of the Senate Committee on Armed Services.

American Capital has pursued the government services space in the past, including investments in traffic management outfit Transcore Holdings, engineering firm Schoor DePalma and federal IT provider DigitalNet.

Private equity and politics have often linked up before. Carlyle’s past political affiliations have been well publicised, but other firms have made similar moves. The Blackstone Group brought on former treasury secretary Paul O’Neill in 2003; venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers earlier this year appointed former secretary of state Colin Powell as a special partner; and a couple months after Powell’s appointment, Providence Equity Partners hired his son, former FCC head Michael Powell.