BoS wants greater share of French LBO lending

The banks has made Olivier Boyadjian head into its 15-strong structured finance unit in Paris.

Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking has made Olivier Boyadjian head of structured finance in Paris to bolster its position as a lender in the French leveraged buyout and M&A market.

BoS has now 15 people on the ground and is keen to add to the E1bn it has lent in France since moving into the market in 1996. The division specializes in arranging leveraged loans and acquisition capital and provides project finance and  infrastructure finance as well.

Stewart Livingston, the head of BoS’ European corporate business, said BoS was keen to “enhance its position as a major lender to French LBOs of all sizes.” 

A number of foreign banks, including BoS rivals Royal Bank of Scotland, have established themselves in France to compete with the local houses which continue to dominate the market.

Livingston’s operation also has locations throughout the UK, in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, and recently set up an office in Madrid.