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BrainsToVentures for startups and entrepreneurs

The online marketplace which profiles and matches startups and entrepreneurs was funded by German Fund IVC Venture Capital AG, Swiss fund aventic and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

BrainsToVentures (b-to-v), an online marketplace for entrepreneurs and start-ups, has been set up by graduates of the University of St Gallen and the Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland. It provides users with a means of finding suitable management partners, interns, young professionals and private investors.

The venture was funded by German Fund IVC Venture Capital AG</font, Swiss fund aventic and PricewaterhouseCoopers. It was also financed by business angels.

b-to-v’s core service consists of profiling and matching in order to increase the speed and accuracy of finding brains or ventures. Potential business angels have individual access to pre-screened projects which correspond to individual requirements.

Likewise start-ups and entrepreneurs can quickly find management partners, interns and young professionals. Once a potential partner has been found, the user can communicate interest to invest through b-to-v.

Hermann Arnold, CEO of BrainsToVentures, said: “b-to-v‘s services cover all three factors that are necessary for a sucessful start-up: a convincing management team, sufficient financing and motivated employees.” The company has 500 individuals and 200 ventures registered.

BrainsToVentures has its headquarters in St Gallen, Switzerland and plans to open offices in Munich and Frankfurt this year.