Chart of the Week: Canadian Firm Fundraising

Almost twice as much capital has been raised within the first half of 2014 than the whole of 2012.


Private Equity International's half yearly numbers reveal that $6.21 billion was raised by six Canadian fund managers. This is a 83 percent increase from the amount that was raised in 2012.

The largest fund raised by a Canadian manager was Onex Partners IV. The fund collected $650 million more than its original target of $4.5 billion and accounted for 83 percent that was raised in H1 2014. Alaska Permanent Fund, Altamar Private Equity and District of Columbia Retirement Board are some of the LPs that committed to the fund.

In 2012, $3.39 billion was secured by 14 funds. Drug Royalty III was the largest fund to close that year at $1.45 billion. Investors of the fund include PKA and New Mexico Educational Retirement Board.

N.B .The data used above is for closed ended private equity vehicles