Chart of the Week: Geographic fundraising

Geographical breakdown of Q1 2014



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Private Equity International’s fundraising numbers reveal that 145 funds held final closes in the first quarter of 2014, raising $71.4 billion.


North American focused funds collected almost half of the total capital for the quarter- a sign that investors see this market as robust enough to forgo the benefits of geographical diversification. Buyout and venture capital funds were the most popular strategies for such funds, securing nearly 40 percent of the total capital for the region. GTCR Fund XI was the largest fund to close in the quarter securing $600 million more than its $3.25 billion target. 


Global funds only managed to collect 23 percent of the total capital in the quarter. Partners Group Direct Investments 2012 and EQT Mid-Market Fund are among those raising $1.5 billion and $1.1 billion respectively. Buyout funds and fund of funds each collected a quarter of the total capital raised for global funds.


In Asia-Pacific, $9.8 billion was raised from 13 funds, despite experiencing limited investor interest in 2013. Buyouts collected 72 percent of the capital secured for the region. Affinity Asia Pacific Fund IV and CDH Fund V were the largest funds to close that targeted the Asia-Pacific, collecting $3.8 billion and $2.55 billion respectively. 


Buyout funds were clearly the most popular among investors: over 40 percent of the capital from the first quarter was secured from such funds.