Chart of the week: Investors positive about private equity

A PEI survey suggests that LP interest in the asset class shows little sign of weakening


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More than three-quarters of LPs have a continued or growing interest in private equity, according to a survey by PEI.

The poll of a 100 investors across all regions found just 6 percent expressed no interest in the market and only 3 percent were hoping to decrease their allocation to private equity

A majority of firms expressed an interest in first-time funds, particularly those vehicles seeking to invest opportunistically. This is reflected in the success of recent first-time closures, such as Broadwell Capital Partners’ Tactical Opportunities Fund, which raised $1 billion. 

Overall, it appears that investors are remaining positive about the private equity market – and if this is a reflection of things to come, both the number of firms investing and the percentage allocations are likely to rise.