Chart of the Week: UK focused funds

24% increase in the capital raised for UK focused funds in 2014, through fewer final closes. 


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Private Equity International's fundraising numbers reveal that $3.3 billion was collected from 10 funds focusing on the UK. This is almost a quarter more than the amount raised in 2013, with fewer funds closed.

Endless IV was the largest fund to close in 2014 raising $863.5 million, surpassing its target of $657.9 million. The distressed fund launched in September 2014 and held a first and final close in December.

As at January 2015, 27 UK focused funds are currently on the road with an aggregate target of $4.3 billion. Exponent Private Equity Partners III, Oakley Capital Private Equity II and F2 Ventures Fund IV are the largest funds currently in market with target sizes of $800 million, $657.6 million and $500 million respectively. 

For a full list of funds in market, click here.