Chart of the Week: UK HQ fundraising

 Fundraising for 2014 looks difficult to surpass 2013  



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The consolidation of capital amongst fund managers with a clear track record in 2013 meant that it was an impressive year for UK fundraising. The top three funds were CVC, Apax and Cinven, which raised $15 billion, $7.98 billion, and $7.29 billion respectively for funds.


However, the aggregate target of the current funds in market would suggest that fundraising will not exceed 2013’s level- which is 16.8 percent less than the amount raised in 2013. Only two funds in market are targeting above the $5 billion mark: Permira V, which is expected to amass $6.88 billion, and Bridgepoint Europe V, which is aiming for $5.5 billion in equity commitments.


The aggregate amount raised is not expected to fall as low as the $28.73 billion raised in 2012, however, as $9.11 billion has already been secured in Q1 2014.