Charts of the year: everyone's talking about co-investment

For LPs, lower fees for the same number of deals seems too good to turn down.


This was the year that everyone seemed to be talking about co-investing and going direct, Monument Group partner Alicia Cooney told Private Equity International in November, and they were backing their words with actions.

After just three quarters, 2015 was the second most successful fundraising year since 2011, behind only 2013 and on course to double the aggregate capital collected last year (see chart above).

While the private equity market as a whole had seen fewer funds accumulate more capital, the number of co-investment vehicles have held steady in the last few years with their average sizes steadily expanding.

In 2014, closed-ended co-investment vehicles raised $140.86 million on average per fund. This year that figure reached $273.63 million.