DOWNLOAD: A regional guide to African private equity

Private Equity International's interactive presentation explores dealmaking, exit and fundraising activity on the continent in 13 slides.

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Private equity deal volumes have been steadily rising on the continent in recent years, clocking in at a total of 1,046 reported PE deals over 2014-19, according to data from the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.

Deal values waned over 2018-19, as did exit volumes, and the private equity industry now faces additional headwinds triggered by the covid-19 pandemic. Yet there are underlying trends at play that point to the long-term potential for private equity in the region, from population growth to tech adoption to business environment reforms.

Such trends can be seen in the notable volume of private equity deals in the consumer discretionary space, spurred by the growth of Africa’s middle class, as well as in the increasing attractiveness of technology investments among LPs and GPs active in the region. Meanwhile, a number of VC hubs are emerging on the continent facilitated by new regulatory frameworks to support startups: venture capital fund managers invested $764 million in Africa last year, up from $183 million in 2018, according to EMPEA data.

These trends and more are explored in this interactive presentation, highlighting the regions and sectors attracting deal flow and capital across the continent.

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