Editor's letter: Digital revolution

In much the same way 'LBO shop' no longer accurately describes the remit of diversified private equity firms, Private Equity International is no longer just a 'magazine'.

PEI – your authority for global private equity news and commentary for nearly a decade – has merged its award-winning monthly coverage with that of our daily news and intelligence source, PrivateEquityOnline.com.

Now for the very first time, subscribers to PEI enjoy full access to PrivateEquityOnline.com's daily and breaking news stories, insightful features and analysis. This month, for example, PEI subscribers can log on to read an extended version of our exclusive interview with private equity critic Poul Nyroup Rasmussen, leader of the European Socialists and former Danish prime minister.

Readers now also have instant access to nearly nine years of digitally archived private equity coverage from PEI, providing an unparalleled resource for tracking the development of one of the most dynamic segments of the global financial industry. A stroll through the PEI archives is also highly entertaining. Click back to January 2006 to read how Permira's Damon Buffini saw the world at the time, or to April 2008 to hear Teachers' Private Capital chief Erol Uzumeri discuss the pension's fusion of GP and LP functions. Venture back eight years to find secondaries guru Jeremy Coller opining that “you need a visionary” to lead a private equity firm to prominence, because “if you do it by committee, it's bound to be mediocre”.

While perusing this issue, bear in mind the archive's power to provide added dimension to current events, challenges and opportunities. This month's features on potential fund of funds consolidation and post-crisis specialisation, for example, call into question the notion that providing access to elite, top quartile GPs is the key differentiator in the fund of funds market. So it's particularly illuminating to revisit our March 2005 fund of funds special, in which market participants explain why access had once been more valuable than capital.

Here in PEI’s newsroom, we’re intently focused on providing access to the private equity world’s premier news and intelligence. As such, we’re thrilled to announce the integration of our print and online media.  We trust you’ll enjoy the enhanced daily, weekly and monthly formats in which your coverage is delivered and look forward to further leading the specialist news coverage of the global private equity industry.

Enjoy the issue,

Amanda Janis
Senior Editor, Private Equity