Falconhead recruits operating talent

The leisure, lifestyle and media private equity firm has hired sports and entertainment veteran Scott Dickey as operating partner, initially focussed on its endurance sports platform company.

New York-based leisure, lifestyle and media private equity firm Falconhead Capital has hired sports and entertainment executive Scott Dickey as an operating partner.

Dickey was previously president of action sports media company, Transworld Media, a former division of Time Warner. Prior to joining Transworld, Dickey was president of sporting goods company K2’s licensed products division. He joined K2 following it’s acquisition of sports and entertainment marketing company Fotoball USA, where he conducted a financial turnaround of the company as chief operating officer.

In his new role, Dickey will serve as chief operating officer and chief marketing officer of Falconhead’s platform company, Competitor Group, which the firm believes to be the first buy-and-build play in the endurance sports sector. He has served as a director of Competitor since January.

In January, Falconhead acquired Triathlete Magazine, racing-events organizer Elite Running and Competitor Publishing, which were then combined to form Competitor. An agreement to add Inside Communications (ICI), a publisher of numerous competitive cycling and triathlon titles, was announced in February.

In addition to his role at Competitor, Dickey will source new investments in all sectors of interest to Falconhead. Initially full time at Competitor, he will, over time, become involved in the operational oversight of various portfolio companies.

Falconhead, founded in 1998, has offices in New York and San Diego. It was originally named Sports Capital Partners with a focus on “sports and related business”. The company has since expanded into the leisure, lifestyle and media sectors.

The firm concluded its most recent fundraising effort in July 2007, rounding up a total of $290 million (€215 million). The funds included a $255 million private equity vehicle and a new $35 million discretionary co-investment fund. The funds exceeded the firm’s original target of $275 million.