First Round: Heavy hitter

A legal firm that packs a punch.

Sitting down to a chinwag recently with fund lawyer Eamon Devlin, First Round was surprised to see his right forearm and hand in plaster.

Devlin, who advises clients such as Adams Street Partners, Adveq and LGT Capital Partners, had broken his hand and fractured his thumb in four places by punching someone in the face. First Round wonders if you should see the other guy.

Devlin wasn’t street brawling; nor was he involved in a debate about fund terms that got out of hand. The dust-up was part of a white-collar boxing event staged to raise funds for his Gaelic football club, Éire Óg Oxford. A glance down the night’s schedule shows Eamon ‘The Demon’ Devlin pitted against Ragin’ Ronan Henry at the top of the undercard.

‘The Demon’ landed the destructive punch – which floored Henry and shattered Devlin’s hand – during the second round. Devlin fought on for the full three rounds and the contest finished in a draw.

Devlin heads up the legal offering for MJ Hudson, a firm founded just seven years ago by private equity legal heavyweight Matthew Hudson. The firm has grown from a specialist law firm into a one-stop shop for funds looking for legal, administration, investment advisory and IR services. For a young firm, you could say it punches above its weight.

A total of seven hours of surgery later, and Devlin’s hand – which now comprises one metal plate and nine metal pins as well as the traditional flesh and bones – is slowly mending. 

Devlin has now hung up his gloves, he tells First Round, but he will continue to fight his clients’ corner.