Founding managing partner quits ATP PEP

Jens Bisgaard-Frantzen has stepped down from his post as managing partner of ATP PEP, Denmark’s largest private equity fund investor.

Jens Bisgaard-Frantzen has unexpectedly resigned from his position of managing partner at ATP PEP, the private equity investment arm of Danish state pension ATP in Copenhagen. A press release said he left by “mutual agreement”.

ATP PEP was created in 2001, when Bisgaard-Frantzen was recruited to build a private equity fund investment platform. In the six years since, ATP PEP has grown into one of Europe’s most active limited partners with €3.5 billion of committed capital, of which €1.5 billion has been invested so far.

Earlier this year, ATP PEP opened an office in New York in order to strengthen relationships with general partners in the US.

According to the ATP PEP press release, Bisgaard-Frantzen is leaving to start his own business in the alternative asset investment space.
Bisgaard-Frantzen declined to comment.

ATP PEP has not appointed a successor. Partners Torben Vangstrup, Susanne Forsingdal and Klaus Rühne will be managing the business from hereon.

The firm has a team of 16 investment professionals.