From the editor: Season's Greetings!

We'll be unwinding for the holidays, but we look forward to resuming normal service on Jan 2. Check back here for the views of leading professionals on what they expect in 2013.

As I sit here and close up shop for the holiday break, I can't help but think about this past year and all the intriguing stories we here at Private Equity International have worked hard to cover.  

Nothing gets us going more than a good scoop, and there's been plenty these past 12 months. 

A quick glance over the most read stories for this past year shows you, the audience, were interested in reading about peoples' moves around the industry, including Park Hill chief executive officer Dan Prendergast's re-location to Europe, the decision by Tim White, a high-ranking executive with Blackstone debt shop GSO, to leave the firm, and the departure of Andrew Sheiner, a managing director with Onex, to start his own firm. 

You also, according to my very informal study, eagerly read our coverage of this year's political struggle in the US and its effects on the industry, including some great in-depth analysis of the money flow from the industry to the candidates.

We also had our share of breaking news, including revealing fund launches by Advent International and First Reserve, as well as all kinds of insider intelligence on the secondaries market. 

The good news (at least for us in the newsroom) is that I have a long list of leads to be pursued when we get back in the office. And honestly, that list is already burning a hole in my pocket. 

So while you're enjoying your reveling and feasts with loved ones, don't forget to check back with us over the next week for the views of fund managers, investors and advisors who have contributed some very interesting thoughts on how 2013 is likely to shape up.

Another reason for spending some time on the site is to register your vote in our annual awards, which acknowledge outstanding achievement during 2012 in numerous categories. The voting is already off to a flying start – please don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your views count. Click here to vote.

All that remains is for us to wish our readers a wonderful festive period. Here's a big thank you to all you who have helped us produce our strong coverage of the industry — we couldn't do what we do without your insight and expertise. We look forward to bringing you even bigger, brighter, better coverage in 2013. Make sure you’re with us.