Infrastructure Investor Africa: An Intelligence Report

Click here to download Infrastructure Investor's latest intelligence report, which outlines the opportunities awaiting investors in Africa, a fast-growing continent whose GDP matches China and Brazil.

Africa is now one of the world’s fastest growing economic hotspots, its 2008 gross domestic product on a par with China and Brazil.

This increased growth creates fantastic opportunities for private sector investment in Africa, including in infrastructure. Furthermore, the timing is now right as many African countries, having addressed macro-economic issues, are now seriously looking at micro-economic reforms, creating the sort of enabling environment conducive to private sector investment.

For early adopters willing to embrace nascent markets, the rewards are high, with returns on many privately financed infrastructure projects in Africa especially good compared with other parts of the developing world.

The Infrastructure Investor Africa Intelligence Report, produced in partnership with the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa, provides in-depth analysis on how to access African infrastructure including a sector-by-sector breakdown of the main themes and investment trends across the continent. It also examines any obstacles to investment including the need for institutional reform.

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