Interregnum hires MP Ian Taylor

Taylor joins the investment and advisory group as managing director of its corporate venturing division.

Interregnum, the IT investment and advisory group, has hired conservative MP Ian Taylor as managing director of its recently established corporate venturing division.

Taylor is the MP for Esher and Walton. He entered Parliament in 1987 and seven years later became the DTI minister responsible for IT in the UK, this role ended in 1997. Prior to Parliament, he was in investment banking for 18 years.

Today he is also a director at a number of companies including Radioscape, OneMonday Group, and Hudson Venture Partners. He joined Interregnum in October 2000 as a non-executive director. This appointment sees Screen, RadioScape and Speed-Trap become clients of Interregnum.

Interregnum’s venture capital unit was formed to bridge industry sectors and to develop deals spanning early-stage technology ventures and non-IT firms, said Ken Olisa, chairman at Interregnum. He added that Taylor’s experience of technology, finance and European economic affairs were the factors that qualified him to run the firm’s corporate venturing activities across Europe.

Earlier in the year, the company appointed six new portfolio development executives as well as seven other staff, thereby increasing its headcount by 81 per cent.