ISIS reborn as Living Bridge

The firm decided to rebrand as it was ‘no longer prepared to share its name with a terrorist organisation’

UK lower mid-market firm ISIS Equity Partners has rebranded as Living Bridge, according to a statement on the firm’s newly-renovated website from managing partner Wol Kolade.

In his statement today, accompanied by a short video, Kolade said the name Living Bridge was chosen as living bridges are often centuries old and handmade from the roots of living trees. They are, Kolade said, “quite remarkable structures that combine human craftsmanship and ingenuity with natural organic growth”, which continue to grow, self-renew and become stronger over time.

“Living Bridges offer a perfect analogy for what we aspire to achieve with the businesses we back,” Kolade said. “We guide and nurture our businesses, to ensure that they develop strong roots capable of sustaining them well into the future. We invest our human and financial capital in businesses building on their organic strengths to create companies that over time grow even stronger.”

In September the firm announced that it would be changing its name in light of the increasing prominence of the terrorist organisation Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, PEI reported previously.

“Giving ongoing events in Syria and Iraq, it will come as no surprise to you to learn that we have decided to change our name,” Kolade said in an emailed update at the time. “We are no longer prepared to share it with a terrorist organisation.”

Kolade said the firm intends to continue investing in entrepreneurial businesses that are seeking investments of between £2 million and £40 million.

The firm, which closed its most recent fund, the £360 million ISIS V, in 2012, recently hired four new investment professionals in its London and Manchester offices following the completion of four new investments, one acquisition, follow-on investments in several portfolio companies and four exits earlier this year, PEI reported at the time.