PEI 300: Nearly 20% are new entrants

The firms are predominantly from North America, with a high share in venture capital.

Nearly one-fifth, or 18 percent, of this year’s PEI 300, which will be released on Tuesday, is made up of new entrants.

The firms debuting in – or returning to – the rankings this year vary greatly in strategy and headquarter location. 

Of the 53 new entrants, 36 firms are based in North America, including 10 based in New York, but California had almost as many, with nine. Surprisingly, nine new firms based in the Asia-Pacific region made the PEI 300 this year, including six from China, with only six new entrants based in Europe. 

More than a quarter of the new entrants, or 14 firms, are venture capital investors. That group includes Accel Partners, which is based in Palo Alto, California, and focuses on seed, early-stage and growth investments. The firm has raised $5.5 billion over the past five years, according to PEI 300. The firm was ranked 87th in 2015, disappeared from the PEI 300 last year and is now reappearing in 62nd place.