PEI 300 on CNBC: ‘no shortage of funding for Europe’

PEI editorial director Philip Borel spoke to CNBC about the GPs atop this year’s PEI 300 ranking.

Private Equity International’s annual ranking of the world’s leading private equity firms earned a spot on CNBC Wednesday as PEI editorial director Philip Borel discussed some of the top GPs in this year’s PEI 300.

While New York-headquartered firms have raised three times as much capital as London-based private equity groups during the past five years, many of the general partners atop the PEI 300 have global investment mandates, Borel noted.

“It doesn’t really tell you that there is a shortage of private equity funding outside the US,” he said.   

New York firms raised a combined $306.4 billion during the past five years, compared to London-based firms that collected about $107.1 billion, this year’s PEI 300 revealed. The Carlyle Group claimed the top spot in this year’s ranking after collecting $30.6 billion in the last five years.

Compiled by PEI’s in-house Research & Analytics team, the annual ranking lists the world’s leading private equity managers by size according to a very simple metric: the amount of capital they’ve raised for direct private equity investment in the preceding five years. The year 2014 marks the first time the ranking has only included funds raised since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Although Carlyle raised less than its equivalent figure of $32.8 billion last year, it still collected enough to unseat TPG, which dropped to number five after three years on the top spot.