PKA AIP chief to depart over strategy differences

Anders Dalhoff and PKA have agreed to 'discontinue our collaboration' after failing to agree on future plans, according to the former's LinkedIn.

Anders Dalhoff, managing partner and chief executive of Danish asset manager PKA AIP, has announced plans to step down after he said he had been unable to agree on a future direction with the firm’s ownership.

“Following close to six years as CEO and Managing Partner of PKA AIP I have agreed with our owners, the PKA pension funds, to discontinue our collaboration as I and PKA have not been able to agree on the future journey of PKA AIP,” Dalhoff said in a LinkedIn update on 20 December.

Dalhoff joined PKA AIP in April 2012 from management consultant Qvartz. He oversaw the creation of a 26-strong investment team that has invested approximately €3 billion in private equity funds and co-investments, as well as €1.7 billion directly in infrastructure assets, according to his update.

PKA declined to comment.

PKA AIP manages approximately $7.2 billion of alternative assets for Danish pension manager PKA, according to its website. The firm is currently investing from its second three-year mandate, which aims to deploy $2 billion through private fund commitments and co-investments, and $1.2 billion via direct infrastructure investments.