PODCAST: How inflationary pressures are likely to play out in private equity

Nicholas Brooks, head of economic and investment research at ICG, discusses the biggest things GPs should be concerned about in an era of inflation and potential interest rate rises.

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When Private Equity International spoke to private equity sponsors in June, the overwhelming takeaway was that the PE industry is confident it is well-placed to weather a rise in the cost of goods and services.

As head of economic and investment research at ICG, Nicholas Brooks is someone well-placed to ascertain whether confidence about navigating inflationary risk is warranted or not.

Brooks, who has worked in London, Hong Kong and New York at firms including Henderson Global Investors, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Peregrine Securities and Citibank, joined ICG in 2016. He works with corporate and investment teams to inform strategies, as well as provide a macroeconomic framework and analysis to guide ICG’s overall business and investors.

In this podcast, he discusses whether the PE industry really is well-positioned to deal with inflationary risks and rising interest rates, which areas GPs should be paying attention to, and the impact of an inflationary environment on returns.