PODCAST: Operating partners share their horror stories

Executives from EQT, Permira, The Riverside Company and NewQuest Capital Partners share their experiences in this 6-minute podcast.

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Ever wanted to hear about operating partners’ worst horror stories and the lessons they’ve learned? In December, we sat down in Singapore with four GPs from EQTPermiraThe Riverside Company and NewQuest Capital Partners for PEI‘s Operating Partners Forum Asia to discuss this very topic.

The GPs shared some of the key things operating partners can do to help create value and ensure alignment at the pre-deal stage, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Specifically, what roles should the operating team play in due diligence? Are there any benefits from throwing them in the deep end post-acquisition? Does getting the operating team involved in the pre-deal stage give the fund a competitive advantage as a buyer?

This 6-minute podcast explores best practices, as well as a few humorous tales operating partners have encountered.