PODCAST: Riverside on the GFC’s ‘difficult blessing’

As the firm celebrates 30 years in the industry, co-founder Béla Szigethy reflects on how the global financial crisis changed the firm for the better.

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In 2018, The Riverside Company celebrated 30 years in the private equity industry. From its very first deal in April of 1989 to more than $6 billion of assets under management today, Riverside has become a global force in the lower mid-market. Since its founding, Riverside has invested in more than 560 transactions, and today employs around 250 people worldwide.

A few months back, we sat down with co-founder Béla Szigethy to talk about how the firm has changed in the last 30 years.

“There’s nothing like a good recession to shake you up and make you realise what you weren’t doing and what you could be doing to maximise the portfolio’s performance,” Szigethy said of the effects of the global financial crisis. “In a way it was a blessing. It was a difficult blessing, and it was one that caused our returns to go down, but it’s made us a better firm today and the private equity industry is much better today as a result too.”