PODCAST: Why investors should look beyond the headlines in emerging markets

Albright Capital’s Gregory Bowes discusses why improvements in creditor rights and bankruptcy codes in emerging markets mean investors needn’t be wary of the asset class.

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Should LPs expect emerging markets premiums? How should investors think about political risk? Are economic growth rates and private equity returns correlated? In this 16-minute podcast, Gregory Bowes, co-founder and managing principal at emerging markets-focused Albright Capital, discusses how structural reforms and capital shortages are making value investing in emerging markets more attractive.

“Our perspective is that there has been enormous progress and structural reform over a number of decades and the asset class is migrating from a discovery period to a selectivity period,” Bowes said. “Volatility has been such that investors currently are wary of the asset class and it’s obscuring some of the really positive developments that are underling all that.”