Having recently moved offices ourselves, we know how important it is to communicate the new contact details to those who need to know.

When Terra Firma recently moved into new space, it marked the happy occasion with a press release. In it, the firm not only informed everyone about the whereabouts of its new residence. It also took the opportunity to remind its portfolio companies of what was expected of them. Moreover, it even allowed itself a dig at the competition.

Archly describing how the firm had “eschewed the more traditional West End locations of our private equity competitors for less expensive and more functional space”, the release went on to say: “Managing our business as we expect our portfolio companies to manage theirs, we made the decision to go for practical space rather than frills.”

Still, as far as the CEOs of the firm's portfolio businesses are concerned, it wasn't all bad news: the press release included a map that helpfully referenced the nearest “taxi drop off point”, in case visitors forsake the more cost-efficient tube option.

And the address? 2 More London Riverside, SE1 2AP, right on the banks of the River Thames and a stone throw away from another cost-conscious individual, London mayor Ken Livingstone. More really is less for Terra Firma.