A lot of venture capital guys, overachievers that they are, will do something adventure-like when they're not doing deals. Climb a mountain, sail a sea, get on the Screaming Eagle mailing list, etc. Derek Kwik, a former investment professional from Hong Kong-based AsiaTech Ventures, decided to “run across the world's four most extreme deserts”.

In case you can't rank the world's deserts by four factors of extremeness, they are: the Gobi Desert (Mongolia, highest), the Atacama Desert (Chile, driest), the Sahara Desert (Egypt, hottest) and Antarctica (South Pole, coldest).

Kwik reckons he is one of only 14 people in the world to have jogged this particular journey. An animal enthusiast, Kwik tells us he will soon publish an inspirational book detailing the “5,000 meter altitudes, wild temperature swings from 120F to -15F, razor sharp salt flats, dehydration, blisters galore, sandstorms, scorpions, camel spiders” and dedicate the proceeds to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Kwik has launched a new venture capital firm called BraveSoldier Ventures. Wouldn't you know one of his first investments is in the maker of what is expected to be a hot new toy – the Pleo, a lifelike baby dinosaur. It would appear that hotfooted Mr. Kwik enjoys cheating extinction.