Stephen Schwarzman is a man famous for his largesse, from serving $400 crabs at his Palm Springs home to spending $1 million on flying Rod Stewart in to sing at his 60th birthday party. A tendency not unnoticed by sections of the press following a certain IPO last year.

However, the Blackstone Group chief executive is now attempting to show the world another, more philanthropic side to his character, following a $100 million donation to the New York Public Library.

The donation is part of a $1 billion fundraising effort aimed at refurbishing the Fifth Avenue central library with its famous lion-guarded entrance.

And what does Schwarzman get in return for his $100 million? His name etched in stone, apparently.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Library, as the 1911 Beaux Arts structure is currently known, will, from 2014, be known as the Stephen A Schwarzman Building, with the financier's name inscribed discreetly on either side of the main entrance, around three feet off the ground.

“It's in keeping with the dignity of the building,” Paul LeClerc, president of the library's board of trustees told the New York Times.