Unappetising sequel

Pete Peterson, co-founder of alternative investment giant The Blackstone Group, first got into film-making last year when he financed IOUSA, a hard-hitting investigation of America's spiralling national debt. His follow-up movie has now been released – and it represents quite a departure in style.

Peterson teamed up with Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher to make a fake documentary of supposedly calamitous kitchen preparations at the upmarket Four Seasons restaurant in New York, where private equity types are often to be found tucking into expensive delicacies. The occasion was the restaurant's 50th anniversary, and Peterson decided to mark it with a light-hearted spoof aimed at its owners, Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder.

The film, which was shown on a big screen to 250 invited guests, showed cheap red wine being poured into bottles with vintage labels and spilt food being loaded back onto plates. Schumacher, meanwhile, made an appearance as a drunk passed out on the kitchen floor. Hard to see how Peterson will top this with his next effort.