October 2010 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2010

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    Graveyard shift

    The official demise of both Candover and GSC raises a number of important questions, but here’s one especially occupying the minds of investors: how do you retain and reward the team charged with winding down a moribund manager’s portfolio?

    A separate piece

    Amid the furore for institutional co-investment programmes, LPs should ask themselves whether they are outfitted to be ‘seekers’ of deals, or merely ‘takers’.

    A dim view

    Morale was low among institutional investors at a recent forum in New York, with LPs voicing sceptical views of the asset class

    Star turns

    As musician and campaigner Bob Geldof launches a $1bn private equity fund, his long-time ally in philanthropy, Bono, is learning that limited partners demand results.

    ‘Subscale and illiquid’

    Why the demise of another listed investment trust – HPEQ – raises questions marks over the viability of small vehicles.

    Interview: Through the eye of the storm

    Lynn Fordham, who took over as chief executive officer of SVG Capital in April last year, is no stranger to complex restructuring jobs.

    Shared downfall

    Even its pioneering ownership structure could not save Alfred Eckert’s once-great alternatives firm.

    Hellman’s hold up

    LPs in Hellman & Friedman’s latest fund are intrigued by the timing of its 2009 close and lack of investment activity.

    Much to play for

    Cinven, one of Europe’s oldest private equity firms, last year carried out a transition of leadership from 22-year veteran Robin Hall to longtime senior partner Hugh Langmuir. In his first in-depth interview since assuming the managing partner role, Langmuir explains why Cinven won’t be mimicking some of its large-cap peers and candidly reviews some of the firm’s recent triumphs and challenges.