First round: Working progress

Private equity types tend to be pretty industrious folk, particularly around deal time. Being a lazy and feckless sort of magazine intro section, First Round has always looked upon this propensity with admiration, yes, but also some alarm. Could it be the case, it has often wondered, that this industry has a problem with workaholism?

Well, apparently not, according to Yehuda Baruch, a professor at Rouen Business School in France – because actually, workaholism isn’t a problem at all. OK, so it tends to be associated with heightened stress and a diminished work/ life balance. But according to Baruch, “empirical research [i.e. him looking, presumably] also shows that vigor and dedication, positive constructs that are the exact opposites of exhaustion and cynicism, are the hallmarks of workaholism.” It can also “bring intrinsic rewards… strengthen social interactions… and result in higher pay and promotions, which in turn raises self-esteem”.

Sadly, this argument would sound much more convincing had it not come out of France, where the definition of a workaholic is someone who takes less than 90 minutes and two glasses of wine for lunch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.