June 2012 Issue

    Myanmar: a waiting game

    As Myanmar continues its tentative steps towards democracy, it’s attracting interest from frontier-focused private equity firms. But is it still too early to invest?

    The RDIF and proof of concept

    The Russian Direct Investment Fund has already won over some powerful supporters. But turning around negative perceptions will take time – and, above all, good returns

    AUA's Latin lessons

    AUA Private Equity is trying to carve out a niche by targeting companies focused on the US’ growing population of Hispanic consumers

    Texas Teachers’ and the future

    PEI recently sat down for an exclusive chat with Rich Hall, who’s replacing Steve LeBlanc as head of the private equity programme at the Teachers’ Retirement System of Texas

    On Bain and campaign pain

    President Obama is targeting Mitt Romney’s private equity track record – and the industry is still struggling to respond

    Forward thinking: Johannes Huth on social investment

    In tough times, innovation matters. In this instance I’m not talking about the private sector but the social sector – and the potential offered by the recent launch of Big Society Capital (BSC)

    Public to Private: In the Line of Fire

    A report written by an ex- private equity grandee that recommends ‘no-fault’ dismissal isn’t doing the industry’s image any favours in the UK

    Carving out a niche

    In the US mid-market, the economic fundamentals look better than most – but in this crowded space, differentiation is key, writes Graham Winfrey

    Privately Speaking: Michel Abouchalache of Quilvest

    Under the leadership of CEO Michel Abouchalache, Quilvest has transformed itself from low-profile family office into serious industry player – with an interesting sideline in direct investing. But how can it hope to compete with the biggest players in its space? In a rare interview, Abouchalache tells James Taylor why he thinks bigger does not necessarily mean better...

    Nicholas Pye, Buyout Guy: Finding the One

    Consider yourselves lucky, because I’m going to share a highly confidential secret with you: I think I’ve found it. The Deal. The one that’s going to establish my reputation as one of the dealmakers of my generation. (Well, strengthen it.)

    On The Record: Changing the game

    Leo de Bever, chief executive officer of Alberta Investment Management Corporation, talks to PEI about investing in ‘unusual situations’ – and game-changing technologies

    Just how bad is IRR?

    The private equity industry desperately needs a new performance metric to replace internal rates of return, argues Oliver Gottschalg of PERACS

    Avoiding contagion

    PEI’s recent trip to Warsaw to gauge market sentiment found three local industry heavyweights relatively bullish about Central and Eastern Europe’s prospects.

    First Round: Dodgy dentistry

    If the US public’s perception of the industry wasn’t bad enough at the moment, what with all the asset-stripping/ job destruction stuff being peddled by the anti-Romney brigade, news reaches First Round that private equity now faces an even more heinous accusation: that it gives kids toothaches.