February 2014 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2014

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    LP Radar: The cultural audit

    LPs are increasingly demanding that managers take a long hard look in the mirror - or hire someone to do it for them.

    Why PE needs PME

    GPs and academics are using public market comparisons to try and draw more meaningful conclusions about private equity returns. 

    Investor Base: First Responders

    The Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fund leads by example

    GP raise less for Asia in 2013

    While GPs globally raised more capital in 2013, fundraising for Asia-Pacific-focused funds dropped dramatically.

    UK buyout market revitalises

    The UK economy is improving – but high valuations mean finding good investment opportunities is not always easy for GPs.

    LPs warm to Southern Europe funds

    French, Spanish and Italian funds have been raising capital, suggesting a rebound for these markets.

    Hard path to a restructured fund

    End-of-life funds are not easy to restructure, as Motion Equity Partners discovered.  

    Finding GP errors in India

    Siguler Guff's Praneet Singh found a gap between perception and reality.

    China's IPO markets reopen

    The re-opening of China’s IPO market looks like good news for hopeful sellers — but it may also have some substantial drawbacks in terms of dealflow and pricing.

    A big Leap forward

    Profit-with-purpose investor LeapFrog managed to boost both revenue and headcount at Ghanaian insurer Express Life by 250 percent in little more than a year — before sealing an exit to one of the world’s biggest insurers.

    The next generation game

    How does the next generation of private equity dealmakers plan to do things differently?

    Privately Speaking Nordic Capital

    The Stockholm-based firm talks tax, fundraising and politics

    Nicholas Pye Buyout Guy Out with the old

    Our hero receives a Christmas bombshell from his (soon-to-be-ex-) boss.

    First Round: Golden moments

    CalSTRS is outdoing other US pensions with its award-winning headquarters.

    First Round: Chuck E child's play

    Apollo has invested nearly $1bn in the US restaurant chain to bring it back to life.

    First Round: (Wall) Street cred

    Steve Graham, founder of Graham Partners, gains that 'cred' by breakdancing.

    Understanding Washington

    Firms that hire former politicians gain insight into Washington, which can help their investing and operating abilities.

    Promotora considers second VC fund

    Colombian VC is still in its infancy, but local investor Promotora is bullish on the sector’s prospects for 2014.