February 2015 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2015

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    Striking a chord

    When Lion Capital explained its line in brand-centred growth investing to John Varvatos, the US fashion designer and Rock ‘N’ Roll obsessive liked what he heard

    UK renewables, anyone?

    Both Terra Firma and Infinis have been publicly scathing about the UK’s energy policy, highlighting the difficulties the latter will face in procuring its future pipeline

    Privately Speaking: Lion's Lyndon Lea

    After a shaky second fund and some headline-grabbing problems in the portfolio, Lion Capital is having a much better time with Fund III

    On the Record: Sue Reid

    A year after publishing a landmark report calling on institutional investors to help plug a $1 trillion investment gap, Sue Reid of Ceres reflects on what’s been achieved

    Risk Management: Why so scared?

    Even sophisticated private equity investors continue to radically overstate the associated risks

    Pleasure and pain

    Our pick of memorable moments of the month just gone

    Endless appeal

    £525m is a large amount of capital for a UK turnaround fund, but Garry Wilson of Endless says his firm is equipped to invest the money well

    LP Radar: Cleaning house

    More evidence that US pensions are getting ever smarter about private equity: PSERS’s dispatch of $2bn worth of funds in January

    Investor base: Levered out

    San Diego’s search for a new investment advisor comes at an interesting time

    Decisive influence

    The plot thickens: private equity firms are being held responsible for compliance violations of former portfolio companies

    Transparency: papered up

    Some of the biggest names in private equity are changing their disclosure practices following pressure from clients and the SEC

    Spain: Back in favour?

    After ignoring its buyout market for many years, investors have rediscovered an appetite for Spain. But despite improved sentiment, it remains a bifurcated market

    Asia: that special something

    As pan-Asian players continue to raise capital for the region, LPs are increasingly looking for a differentiating factor when writing cheques

    Japan's GPIF: apply here

    The $1.3tr pension fund is gearing up to make a move into alternative assets, but first it must find the right people to make those investments

    UK Roundtable: A green and pleasant land?

    The UK market remains a must-have for most sophisticated investors. Yet while the domestic economy is improving, there are plenty of potential hurdles on the horizon that both GPs and LPs must be ready to jump

    First Round: Blown Away

    Former KKR exec Adam Clammer is launching a new PE firm

    First Round: When duty calls

    TPG exec Kevin Burns didn't let a church service get in the way of a call with Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya