May 2015 Issue

    PE and the UK General Election

    Tim Hewens and Peter Morley, partners at law firm Squire Patton Boggs, examine potential areas of concern for private equity firms ahead of the most tightly–contested UK General Election in decades

    Want returns? Embrace the ‘dirty’ side of clean energy

    Operational assets can produce more than just single-digit returns — if you’re willing to take on the messier side of the market

    Has Africa come of age?

    A rising number of Africa-focused private equity funds have closed in recent months signalling an increase in LP appetite for the continent

    A rock and a hard place

    The UK General Election on 7 May will bring repercussions for the private equity industry — whichever way the votes fall

    Billion-dollar baby

    First Reserve has initiated a pioneering joint venture with an interesting partner — Mexico’s state owned oil company PEMEX. There may be further similar deals to come

    Investor Base: Eight is enough

    The State of Wisconsin Investment Board is building its private equity plan and revamping private debt

    Doughty calls time-out

    Doughty Hanson was once a leading house in European private equity. But in April, the firm abandoned its latest fundraising. Its focus now is on managing the portfolio

    First Round: Secret service is urgently seeking new sources of capital

    LP Radar: Object lesson

    MassPRIM appears to be doing more with less and doing it well

    First Round: Howdee pardner

    TPG acquires a controlling stake in Cirque du Soleil

    Pleasure and pain: Lexington, Bain and BlackRock

    Our pick of memorable moments of the month just gone

    Data Room: Liquidity matters

    SEI’s survey interviewed 212 private equity-related firms to gauge how they are reacting to changing attitudes to liquidity in the sector

    Secondaries Roundtable: 'NAV is just a number'

    Private Equity International sat down with six industry experts in New York to discuss whether the easy money has already been made in the secondaries market, how liquidity is affecting the market, and to examine what the remainder of 2015 has in store for the sector

    Privately Speaking: Norwest Equity Partners

    Norwest Equity Partners has just closed its largest fund to date, on a strategy a half century in the making. Managing partner Tim DeVries explains why it’s all about staying the course and why organic growth works best