Private Equity International has a bold new look

Our redesigned magazines and refreshed websites are majoring on deep insight and analysis into the issues that matter most to private equity practitioners.

Subscribers will soon be a receiving a fresh-look Private Equity International magazine, with better photographs, engaging graphics and an easier-on-the-eye design.

Wrapped within this sharp and modern layout is even more of what you, our readers, love us for: deep insight, analysis, data and expert commentary on the issues that matter most to private equity practitioners.

This month’s issue features the PEI 300 2019, our proprietary ranking of the biggest firms in the business based on their five-year fundraising totals. This year, we unpack the trends behind the list, from the rise of multi-strategy to the proliferation of tech to the emergence of impact investing.

The 2019 list includes some eye-popping numbers: the top 10 have pulled in a combined $432 billion, the top 50 $966 billion and the whole list $1.7 trillion.

We also take a deep dive into the world of co-investment. Cambridge Associates estimates co-investment makes up around 20 percent of overall market activity – no small amount. Heralded as an “unofficial fee break” and an “alpha generator”, co-investment is seen by many as the answer to getting the best out of private markets. We investigate whether these investments are all they’re cracked up to be, and whether they pose more risk than LPs realise.

The latest edition also includes some expert insight from private markets veteran Allan Emkin, founder of Pension Consulting Alliance, who lays out why private equity still makes sense for investors, as well as an exploration of the private equity market in the Middle East and North Africa.

We hope you enjoy and would welcome your feedback