Quester builds Asian network

The UK venture capital firm is teaming up with Asian consultancy Intralink to provide its portfolio companies with expertise on the region.

Quester, the UK early stage tech investor, has established a partnership with Asian market development consultancy Intralink in order to provide its portfolio companies with access to the Japanese and Chinese markets.

They get all the benefits without having to bet the company on it

Jeremy Milne, partner, Quester

Jeremy Milne, a partner at the firm, told PEO that the link-up would allow Quester’s investee companies to build up their experience of the local market without having to take the risk of creating their own office. “We’ve outsourced the business development service for early-stage companies, so that they get all the benefits without having to bet the company on it.”
Intralink has offices in Shanghai and Tokyo. The company will assist Quester’s portfolio companies to establish commercial links and manufacturing partnerships in China and Taiwan, as well as advising on business development, market entry strategy and providing market information.

Michael Holmes, Asian Business Development Director, Quester

Asia has become an increasingly important business arena to Quester because of the technical nature of many of its investments, and the fact that many of the world’s high-tech manufacturers are located in the region. Last May the firm appointed Michael Holmes, the former CEO of Quester portfolio company Opsys, as its Hong Kong-based business development director for the Asian market.
Holmes recently told PEO that the firm’s footprint in Asia also helped to provide its portfolio companies with a market: “In aggregate, the Asian economy is growing faster than anywhere else in the world.”