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Si30 ranking: Ardian takes top spot

The Paris-based firm raced past Lexington Partners and Blackstone in PEI sister publication Secondaries Investor's exclusive list of the world’s largest secondaries managers.

This is the first year PEI's sister publication Secondaries Investor has compiled the Si30: a ranking of the top 30 managers of dedicated capital raised for secondaries investments over the last five years.

One firm is the clear leader: Ardian. The Paris-headquartered investment firm raised $8 billion more than its closest rival, Lexington Partners, having amassed almost $29 billion in secondaries capital since 2011.

“Fundraising is always a long and tough process,” Benoît Verbrugghe, head of Ardian US, told Secondaries Investor. As investors become better educated about secondaries and as the firm proves itself to be a reliable partner, fundraising is becoming smoother, he said, adding that the market has not reached its peak.

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