StepStone hires former SBIC head as managing director(3)

The La Jolla, California-based firm’s new managing director, Jaime Guzman-Fournier, will help found an emerging managers team.

La Jolla, California-based private equity firm StepStone, formerly Leucadia Capital Partners, announced the hire of Jaime Guzman-Fournier to managing director today.

Guzman-Fournier was most recently the head of the US government’s Small Business Investment Company program, which provides venture capital funding for small businesses across the US. Before this, he was a principal with Grupo Guayacan in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he oversaw the management and operations of the Puerto Rico Venture Forum.

Guzman-Fournier will join managing director Jose Fernandez to form an emerging managers team. He will be able to draw on his background in the new position at StepStone, which focuses on small to mid-market companies.

StepStone was founded this year under the name Leucadia Capital Partners. The firm was briefly involved in a naming dispute with a firm of the same name in another line of business.