Summer reading: Part 2

We’ve heard from the LPs - now the rest of the industry shares its top reads for the summer.

Last week we brought you the inside scoop on what limited partners have been reading over the summer.

Our investigations revealed that investors have a predilection for global affairs and political history, with titles such as Thomas Friedman’s Thank You For Being Late and Tim Shipman’s All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain’s Political Class gracing the list.

This week, the rest of the industry gets its turn. Here are some of the mighty tomes GPs, fund of funds managers, consultants and placement agents are leafing through during these long summer days.

Christopher Masek
CEO, IK Investment Partners

Masek, who joined European private equity firm IK in 2000, is reading The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

“A definite must-read, particularly for the sometimes vain modern professional who may find a resemblance in the novel’s main character, and may perhaps learn from the wise advocacy of his latter years foregoing the futility of the impatient semblance of control when he enjoins his children to ‘wait and hope’.”

Donn Cox
President and managing director, Pavilion Alternatives Group

Cox, who oversees alternatives advisory business Pavilion, is reading Red Notice by Bill Browder.

“With all the craziness on Russia conspiracies I figured it was a good way to get some non-fiction insight into Putin’s regime while still reading something related to our industry.”

Stephen McCourt
Managing principal and co-chief executive officer, Meketa Investment Group

McCourt, who joined Meketa in 1994, is reading God and Starbucks by Vin Baker.

“Vin was a very successful NBA player, whose life went in a very bad direction. This is the story of his redemption, which included a helping hand from Howard Shultz, founder of Starbucks. I went to high school with Vin, and he’s one of the finest people you would ever meet.”

David Atterbury
Managing director, HarbourVest Partners

Atterbury, who joined HarbourVest in 2004 and focuses on European secondaries investments, last read Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby.

Andrea Kramer
Global head of fund investments, Hamilton Lane

Kramer, who also sits on Hamilton Lane’s investment committee, has Ready Player One by Ernest Cline on her desk.

“A totally indulgent quick read that provided my needed 80s reminiscing fix,” she said. “It also mitigates the inevitable vacant stares I get with millennials if I use 80s references with the team.”

David Pierce
Managing director and head of Asia, HQ Capital

Pierce, who joined the asset management firm in 2014, has got three titles on the go: All Measures Short of War by Thomas Wright; The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom by John Pomfret; and A Tale for the Time-Being by Ruth Ozeki.

Niklas Amundsson
Managing partner, Monument Group

Amundsson, who is based in the placement agent’s Hong Kong office, is reading Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo with his children, Annika and Magnus.

“This is a very inspiring book of mini-biographies of female role models throughout history. We enjoy the book, because each story is a great conversation starter, which prolongs bedtime but in return, hopefully, also encourages the kids to think big and follow their dreams.”

He’s also reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

“It’s a reminder of where I am from and the stories that I was told growing up, which sometimes is an important reality check when living in a fast-paced foreign culture, a long way from home…”

Marc Lau
Managing partner, Axiom Asia Private Capital

Lau, who works on Axiom’s secondaries transactions and co-investment programmes, is reading The Absent Superpower: The Shale Revolution and a World Without America by Peter Zeihan.

“Reading the predictions of futurists like Peter, who extrapolate logical conclusions from today's conditions, are a poignant reminder that we collectively need to engage today if we want a better world to look forward to tomorrow!”

PV Wang
Co-CIO, Noah Holdings

Wang, who joined the China-based wealth and asset management services firm last year, is reading House of Caesar by Tom Holland.

“It depicts the transition of Roman Republic to a dictatorship and how the Caesar family through its five 'emperors' struggled between the ideal of a republic and that of a dynastic rule,” he said.

“I can see many parallels to our world today where problematic populist democratic instincts compete for credibility with the more efficient authoritarian rule ethics.”