The Investing in Energy Special 2013

The shale decade

In June, the US Department of Energy estimated that there was enough recoverable shale oil and gas in the 42 countries it surveyed to meet global energy demand for more than a decade.

This has profound implications, not only for the geopolitical landscape, but also for the investment environment – particularly for North America, currently the only region where oil and gas are being produced from shale in commercial quantities.

There’s certainly no questioning investor demand for energy at the moment: some big sector-specific funds have been raised in recent months, despite the generally dismal fundraising environment. The big question now is whether deal activity can keep pace – and if so, where the best opportunities will be found and where the biggest risks are likely to be.

In this special supplement, we look at where private equity investors in the energy sector should be looking today to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns. 

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Investing in Energy Special 2013