The Peracs Private Equity Barometer Q2 2009

The Barometer, which measures the current attractiveness of private equity investment, finds certain sectors still offering good prospects for returns.

The Peracs Private Equity Barometer 1 provides a measure of attractiveness for private equity investments worldwide. The Barometer analyses private equity across a variety of industry categories for both the US and EU. It is based on broad and representative data on private equity performance and an empirically validated set of macroeconomic indicators of investment attractiveness. Peracs' Barometer provides insights as to the relative opportunities in private equity as indicated by these macroeconomic indicators.

While the average worldwide Barometer reading for the second quarter of 2009 has dropped since the first quarter, an average reading of 33.5 percent indicates that the global financial crisis is still throwing up attractive opportunities. At this point last year, the Barometer IRR reading was 24.7 percent.