Truffle augments life sciences team

Antoine Pau has been recruited by Truffle in a move to further develop its dealflow in life sciences sectors. The hire comes only a week after the firm appointed Gwen Chapman CFO.

Antoine Pau has joined European private equity firm Truffle Capital as an investment manager of life sciences.

Pau formerly worked for international auditing firm Mazars, auditing pharmaceutical and technology companies and transaction funds, with recent involvement in financial due diligence. Pau previously worked for Novartis in the business planning analysis department. He has a degree in Pharmacy and an MBA in business studies.

Pau’s involvement will reinforce Truffle’s capacity to find and develop new opportunities.

Phillipe Pouletty

Philippe Pouletty, managing director, founder and general partner of Truffle, said in a statement that Pau’s involvement will reinforce Truffle’s capacity to find and develop new opportunities in biotech and medical technology fields.

Truffle’s life sciences team focus on investment into therapeutic drugs, vaccines, medical devices and breakthrough technologies.

Truffle recently invested €5 million as part of a €7 million first round of financing for Carmat, a spin off from the collaboration of French surgeon Professor Alain Carpentier and EADS in the development of a totally artificial heart.

Truffle is based in Paris and was founded in 2002. It invests in the information technology and energy sectors as well as life sciences, and is currently investing a €360 million fund.  The company has four co-founders including Pouletty; Henry Moulard, the firm’s president; Jean-Francois Fourt, headof energy; and Bernard Louis Roques, head of IT.