VIDEO: How to get to the top of PEI 300

PEI editorial staff provide an extra layer of insight on what it takes to get to the top of the PEI 300 in this six-minute video.

Capital raised by firms in this year’s PEI 300 – our annual ranking of the biggest fundraisers over a five-year period – reached $2.25 trillion, 13 percent more than the previous year.

Almost half of that came from the top 36 managers. The barrier to entry also grew higher – to get into the PEI 300 this year you needed to have raised at least $1.55 billion over the past five years. To break into the coveted top 10, you needed to have amassed at least $37.4 billion.

What does it take to get into the top of the ranking? Does it help to be a multi-strategy, a listed firm or a tech specialist? What about raising capital to go downstream for high-growth assets? This six-minute video discusses some underlying themes and strategies powering this year’s largest capital raisers.

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