The votes are rolling in for the 2018 awards: have your say!

The polls are now open for the 2018 Private Equity International Awards; see who made the shortlist and cast your vote here.

Voting started in the 2018 Private Equity International Awards last week and you have clicked in your thousands. If you have yet to have your say, CLICK HERE to do so.

Some knife-edge competitions have emerged.

In the battle for secondaries firm of the year in North America, a mere 52 votes separates the first from fourth. Truly everything is to play for.

The tussle for the crown of Firm of the year in Germany is even tighter, with all four runners within 14 votes of each other.

Technology private equity firm of the year is wide open, as is firm of the year in Australasia.

To recap: with more than 70 categories across three regions, you’re encouraged to vote in any category you feel you are qualified to judge.

To help you navigate the voting process we’ve drawn up a shortlist for each category based on our coverage throughout the year, our conversations with the market and your submissions. You can also add your own choice, if you feel that the rightful winner isn’t on our list.

The rules for voting are simple: you may only vote once; you may not vote for yourself or your own firm nor engage in block voting; and non-corporate email addresses will be discounted (so, no Hotmail or Gmail entries). The polls close on Friday, 11 January, with results revealed in March.

We can’t wait to find out your thoughts. CLICK HERE TO START VOTING NOW.