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The private equity industry settled into a rhythm this year, after the rollercoaster that was 2016.

The macro environment was so full of “known-unknowns” – Brexit negotiations, the Trump administration tax plan, rising North Korea tensions – that most players adopted a “keep calm and carry on” attitude, despite whispers of an impending downturn.

As we all prepare to take a few well-deserved days off to celebrate the holiday season, it’s time to reflect on the highs and lows of the last year – and cast your vote in our annual awards.

Few will contest that 2017 was the year of the mega-fund. We’ve seen the largest-ever Asia dedicated fund, the largest-ever euro-denominated fund and the largest-ever global fund. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you’ll find these three – and a slew of other impressive fundraises – nominated in our regional ‘Fundraise of the Year’ categories.

By 7 December, 636 funds had raised $492.5 billion, showing success across all parts of the market.

But among this year of lightning-fast fundraises and high purchase price multiples, which transaction deserves to be named ‘Deal of the Year’? Which limited partners made the biggest waves? Which impact investing firm made the biggest… impact?

Every year since 2001 we’ve given you – the industry – the opportunity to determine the outcome of private equity’s most extensive set of global awards.

With more than 70 categories across three regions, you’re encouraged to vote in any category you feel you are qualified to judge. You will notice plenty of familiar categories, as well as a new global section.

To help you navigate the voting process we’ve drawn up a shortlist for each category based on our coverage throughout the year, our conversations with the market and your submissions. You can also add your own choice, if you feel that the rightful winner isn’t on our list.

The rules for voting are simple: you may only vote once; you may not vote for yourself or your own firm nor engage in block voting; and non-corporate email addresses will be discounted (so, no Hotmail or Gmail entries). The polls close on Friday 5 January, with results revealed in March.

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