Walker report vodcast highlights

3i's chief executive Philip Yea, BVCA chairman Wol Kolade, Duke Street Capital's Peter Taylor and others discuss with Sir David Walker the implications of his report on transparency, webcast in partnership with The Daily Telegraph and law firm SJ Berwin.

In July, Sir David Walker published his eagerly awaited consultation paper on transparency, disclosure and corporate governance in the private equity industry.

In partnership with UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the law firm SJ Berwin hosted a forum to discuss the recommendations set out in The Walker Review and to examine the practical implications of the proposals.

Sir David Walker set the scene with an overview of his consultation paper.  He was joined by a panel of speakers which included John Cridland CBE, deputy director general of the CBI; Michael Hoffman, chairman of Palamon Capital Partners; Wol Kolade, chairman of the BVCA; Peter Taylor, managing partner of Duke Street Capital; Philip Yea, chief executive of 3i Group and Simon Witney, partner at SJ Berwin.  There were also contributions from Michael Fallon MP and Javier Echarri from the EVCA.

To view the highlights from the forum, please click on one of the following links:

Sir David Walker presents his consultation document (20 minutes)

The panel react to his proposals:

Philip Yea (1 minute)

Wol Kolade (1 minute)

Peter Taylor (1 minute)

Michael Hoffman (2.5 minutes)

John Cridland (3.5 minutes)

Simon Witney (2 minutes)

Michael Fallon MP comments on the Treasury Committee process and likely outcomes (4 minutes)