Who said it: What is your biggest worry for the second half of the year?

Can you match the quote to the industry leader?

Jason Glover
Jason Glover, managing partner of the London office of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
Angela Miller-May
Angela Miller-May, chief investment officer at the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund
Geoffrey Love
Geoffrey Love, head of venture capital and equity long/short investments, at Wellcome Trust

We asked industry professionals the following question: What is your biggest worry for the second half of the year? (Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the answers.)

Quote A

“That the over-exuberant market and the economy become more divergent and that the US economic optimism is not realised. Valuations are still very high and the market is still very volatile as increases in interest rates and inflation are expected”

Quote B

“An inflation shock that central banks and governments struggle to control. Inflationary fears are nothing new, and have been around since the GFC, and there is a concern that there may be too much complacency about it… Or Dogecoin becomes a reserve currency”

Quote C

“A significant increase in global inflation, driving a short-term stock market decline that, in turn, could prompt a drop-off in fundraising activity as investors seek to readjust their private equity exposure and limit the making of new commitments in order to take account of the denominator effect”









Answers: A. Angela Miller-May; B. Geoffrey Love; C. Jason Glover