Future 40 Leaders: Meet the class of 2023

The PEI team pored over more than 200 nominations to find this year’s class of 40 future leaders in the private equity industry.

As the private equity industry settled into a new year in which it was once again tasked with navigating tough macro conditions and a challenging fundraising, dealmaking, operational and regulatory environment, Private Equity International set out to uncover the rising stars helping to lead their firms and clients through this landscape. 

Through January-February, we asked the industry to nominate up-and-comers for PEI’s annual 40 under 40: Future Leaders of Private Equity list. The submissions showcased some stellar talent, demonstrating the vast potential of the younger professionals rising up the ranks in private equity – and ensuring our selection process remained as difficult as ever. 

Our editorial team whittled down the more than 200 nominations to assemble the class of 2023, which includes individuals who stood out for their drive, leadership qualities, passion for innovation and technical skill. The individuals recognised are grouped across five categories: investors; fundraisers; dealmakers; operators; and lawyers.

We are pleased to introduce this year’s Future 40 and highlight their achievements so far. No doubt we will be tracking where their careers take them and how they continue to make their mark on the PE industry.