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    Year: 2009

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    The PEI 300: 2009

    Private Equity International’s third annual ranking of the world’s largest private equity firms.

    Ripple effects

    Commentary on the month's hottest private equity stories by Amanda Janis, editor of PrivateEquityOnline

    ‘I've rarely seen our life science team so excited’

    Index Ventures, which has offices in Geneva and London, is widely considered to be one of Europe's leading venture capital firms – an impression furthered when it closed a new €350 million fund for early-stage investment in March this year. PEI caught up with Index partner Bernard Dallé to get his take on market conditions and where opportunities lie

    The solution, not the problem

    European private equity has a right to resist heavy-handed regulation, argues leading private equity lawyer Simon Witney

    Rules of the game

    What the PEI 300 does and does not measure

    How to beat the banks

    It might be time for GPs to reassess the relationship between portfolio companies and their lenders. Restructuring specialist Andrew Watkins explains why

    Credit flow begins to strengthen

    There are banks out there willing to lend but only if you can meet certain criteria. Andy Thomson discovers what these are

    Facing life without leverage

    Four leading fund investors tell Philip Borel what the global crisis means for private equity, and what the industry must do now to find the right response

    Tennessee takes a bow

    A US pension fund cites diversification as the reason for its move into private equity. Christopher Witkowsky finds out more

    Suing your supporters

    A lawsuit by private equity firm CapGen against two of its limited partners may be a sign of things to come, reports Kevin Ley

    An attractive write-down

    A pen that records conversations at the same time as they are noted down has proved a hit with investors

    British and bullish with it

    The mood is chirpy at newly independent Albion Ventures as it lobbies the government for better tax treatment. Matilda Battersby reports

    Peruvian fund picks up pace

    Enfoca Investments, which focuses on fast-growing but unpenetrated sectors, is closing in on $100 million

    A taste for waste

    Fledgling buyout firm Marlow Capital is the latest player to tap into the infrastructure bonanza

    Mapping the hotspots of Africa

    A new index ranks the continent's 53 states in order of investment potential, and puts Nigeria top

    Shopping in Dubai

    Why US-based Hilco Consumer Capital has chosen Dubai as its international launch pad

    Moving onto the frontline

    One firm wants to be first into Iraq to gain an advantage over more cautious rivals

    New dawn or false dawn?

    Asian private equity deal value has risen, but questions remain over the significance of this

    A mysterious case of optimism

    International private equity funds are hoping to find Australia an oasis of liquidity. They may end up disappointed

    The scramble for lifelines

    A US funds of funds manager has pulled itself out of hot water, reports Amanda Janis. Will others find a way to do the same?

    Guidance for the good

    Industry practitioners and corporate veterans want to fine-tune the leadership skills of charity chiefs

    Big deals can still happen

    Opportunism and careful negotiation have allowed CVC to prove that there's still life at the larger end of the market

    Suspect package

    Pre-pack administrations are often shrouded in controversy, but is there a better option?

    Happy to have missed target

    Speaking exclusively to PEI, pan-European private equity firm Silverfleet Capital reveals it has closed its first independent fund on €665m. Andy Thomson reports on why the firm is relieved that an initial €1bn target was not reached

    A great American story

    A US mid-market firm went to Congress to persuade the political establishment of private equity's merits and stave off punitive legislation

    Geithner threatens clampdown

    US Treasury proposals could mean more government control and painful costs

    Young guns blazing

    The new generation thinks the industry's ownership and incentive model can help tackle the global recession

    Waging war on sleaze

    Why GPs must be merciless towards those who demand cash for access to pension business

    You'll be hearing from my lawyer

    Careful negotiation is a hallmark of the private equity market. Occasionally, however, a tougher approach is called for

    We can still rule the world

    We can still rule the world 2009-03-01 Staff Writer In these straitened times, it may be debatable whether private equity investors are any more seen as capitalist masters of the universe. But if you can't be a master of the universe, Chicago-based GTCR Golder Rauner has demonstr

    Private equity haiku&#42 of the month

    Private equity haiku* of the month 2009-03-01 Staff Writer In the fourth of a series, PEI applies an ancient art form to a modern (private equityrelated) setting: Gulping down prime rib At the annual meeting Is it our l

    Hellman's latest headline act

    Hellman's latest headline act 2009-05-02 Staff Writer In light of real estate guru Sam Zell's admission that his buyout of the Chicago Tribune had been a “mistake”, Warren Hellman's apparent interest in acquiring the San Francisco Chronicle seems a co

    The strange tale of a dramatic exit

    The strange tale of a dramatic exit 2009-05-02 Staff Writer Regrettably, private equity losses may on occasion translate to job losses. However, the circumstances of Robert Rowling's departure from UTIMCO, which manages investments for the University of Texas, are far from typical. Row

    Then there were 300

    Then there were 300 Staff 2009-05-02 Writer Our job at Private Equity International is to help you connect intelligently with the best people, ideas and sources of capital in the global private equity market. At the risk of sounding immodest, I think we've delivered